How to clean and prevent soap scum from forming on your bathtub


1. Wipe down walls and bathtubs after bathing. This will help prevent soap scum from forming. Soap residue mixing with water dries on the surface of the bathtub and forms soap scum. Keep the door or shower curtain partly open to promote air circulation and keep the bathtub dry.

2. Cleanse your bathtub regularly. At least once a week thoroughly clean your bathtub with your usual bathroom and tub cleaner, preferably one designed to cut down on mildew and soap scum. Cleaning weekly will prevent soap scum from building up.

3. Install a water softener. It is believed that soap mixing with hard water will generate more soap scum. A water softening system can help alleviate the formation of soap scum.

4. Add a small amount of liquid dish soap to your bath. This is safe for your skin and reduces the formation of soap scum. Make sure you use dish soap and not dishwasher liquid detergent.

5. Switch from using bar soap to a liquid soap. Bar soap contains talc, an ingredient which forms soap scum. Liquid soap does not contain talc.

Tips & Warnings

Another item you can add to bath water to help prevent soap scum formation is Epsom salt.

Applying car wax to the shower door and walls every six months helps to reduce the formation of soap scum.

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